Counseling and Coaching for Today's LDS Teen

Help your teenager discover their divine destiny despite distractions, depression, and self doubt that so often plagues the rising generation.

Do you feel like your teen is slipping away into the temptations of technology, and the lull of self comparison?

There’s no doubt about it: being a teenager isn’t easy. Neither is being a parent to a teenager. Whether you are ready to call MAY-DAY in an emergency, or simply need a connection reset, we are here to help. 


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Poor Self-Confidence

From body issues to bullying, teen girls face an onslaught of judgment every day. We work to build confidence in what truly matters as they understand their divine nature. 

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Friends & Inclusion

A supportive friend group where she feels included is important for any girl. We’ll work to teach your teen how to develop real and lasting connections with others.

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Lack of Motivation

Does your teen struggle to motivate themselves at home, school, or church? Together we can form good habits while improving their mental health. We’ll help them feel heard and understood.


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Anger Issues

Lashing out at the world is often a sign of emotional overload. We’ll work to get to the root of how your teen is feeling as we rebuild bridges of healthy communication and connection.

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Device Distraction

Is your teen glued to the screen? Do they spend hours playing video games? From a distracting bad habit to true addiction, we’ll help your teen put their devices down. 

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Pornography exposure and even addiction doesn’t have to define your teen’s future. Let’s work together to overcome the shame, find hope, and create a recovery plan you and your teen will feel confident in. 

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Preparing For a Mission?

It can be overwhelming to feel prepared to serve a mission. We can help you as you work towards feeling ready and worthy to serve the Lord. Leave behind overwhelm, so you can launch into this amazing life experience with confidence.

It’s time to find real hope for your teen.

It takes a village to raise a teenager. Let us join your village. We understand the issues Latter-day Saint youth face today and are invested in helping them build a sure foundation of faith and confidence. Together, we’ll help teach them the emotional and mental skills they’ll need for the bright future they deserve.

How can you help your child navigate
the tumultuous teen years? 

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Teenagers have a lot to deal with. They’re focused on their friends, facing questions about the future, and testing the limits of the freedom and independence they crave. It’s a lot to take in and it’s a lot for you as a parent to help them navigate. That’s where our expert team of licensed and caring counselors comes in. 

Using proven methods and empathetic approaches designed to connect with youth, we’re here to help your teen and strengthen your family. We’ll strive to help your teen understand you and the other adults in their lives aren’t there to control them - you’re there to help them embrace their independence with emotional and mental strength. 



Together, we’ll help your teen: 

  • Tackle issues with their friends and peers
  • Manage their schedules and the pressure to succeed
  • Build lasting self-confidence and embrace their bodies
  • Make and keep good habits with their devices
  • Reframe their relationships with you and other adult mentors
  • Find hope in build their future with a secure spiritual foundation

LDS teen counseling and coaching is beneficial for the entire family and can give you peace of mind. Our team has helped thousands of parents and youth find confidence and hope. 

Here are just a few of the benefits our families have experienced from our teen counseling and coaching methods. 

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Find fulfillment and

Your teen needs to know how awesome they really are. We’ll tackle the tough issues together to help them feel confident physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


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Reframe your relationship
and reconnect

You are in your child’s corner! You have their back and we’ll help them understand how the adults in their lives are an invaluable tool for positive growth and empowerment. 

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Combat the pressures
of today’s world

 If you’re worried about your teen cracking under the immense pressure they face, let us help your family refocus. Doing so helps your teen avoid bad influences and find both success and fulfillment. 

Meet our founding therapist, Jed Anderson

Ten years ago, I found myself returning to a cycle I had tried so hard on my own to overcome...

Jed Family Picture

I finally admitted I had an addiction. My internal world was heavy and numb, the weight of it was constantly with me, the only time I escaped the burden of shame, regret and fear was when I was asleep at night.

My wife had discovered my habit and I faced what had felt like an impossible task: to keep my promise to stop viewing pornography. I hated everything about it, and yet there it was. Desperately, I tried to be the person that I portrayed. But I knew this was bigger than me.

My first attempt at therapy was not great, I went to a therapist, not having researched them, and found they didn't have the insight and skill needed to really help. That's when I sought out and found someone who specialized in lust addiction. The difference was like night and day. I found recovery, and my wife found hope. For the next 18 months therapy was a part of our lives. It changed everything and I knew I had found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I was given weakness, that I might be humble, I was made humble, that I might be made strong.

Now, with my team, we help people find hope and recovery, through all types of common struggles. Because of my personal experience going through the depths of despair and hopelessness, and utilizing professional tools for recovery, I have a unique passion and skill set for helping families receive proven methods for recovery and healing, both individually, and as a family unit.

We will work together, with my certified and trained coaches and counselors to find the right connections for your healing journey. You can achieve a fulfilling, shameless life, permeated with love and trust. You can heal the attachment ruptures in your life. I am honored to witness this journey in my clients. If you are ready to save your life from the chains of addiction and to witness hope return to your spouses heart, then let's get started.

It’s time to find real hope for your teen.

It takes a village to raise a teenager. Let us join your village. We understand the issues Latter-day Saint youth face today and are invested in helping them build a sure foundation of faith and confidence. Together, we’ll help teach them the emotional and mental skills they’ll need for the bright future they deserve.

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